Marco Pinzon

Colombian, Chemical Engineer-National University of Colombia, Specialist in International Cooperation and Project Management for Development-Externado University of Colombia, Master in Applied Environmental Economics-London University.

He began his career at the Colombian Ministry of the Environment in the area of Environmental Licenses and in other roles until his appointment in 1997 as Coordinator of the Colombian Ozone Technical Unit. He was responsible for the completion of the technological reconversion of the domestic and commercial refrigeration sector, and of the polyurethane foam sector from CFCs to alternative substances. Likewise, he led the development of all the legislation related to the control of the trade in substances that deplete the ozone layer and the equipment that depended on them for their operation, which allowed compliance with the freezing in 1999 and the 50% reduction in the consumption of CFCs in relation to the baseline, anticipating the phase-out compliance established for 2005.

Since 2001, it has been linked to the UN Program for the Environment, providing support in the compliance of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean with the Montreal Protocol, through the management of institutional strengthening projects, HCFC elimination plans, activities enablers for the Kigali Amendment, etc., as well as through the provision of services such as the Network of Ozone Officials of Latin America and the Caribbean, the exchange of information, intra- and inter-regional cooperation, the development and dissemination of tools for capacity building in various aspects related to compliance, among others. Since 2013, he served as Coordinator of the Caribbean Ozone Officials Network and from 2020 to date he is responsible for the Latin American Network at the UN Environment Program Regional Office.